Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Musical Theater Has Done To Me

It has happened. I officially have been inducted into living the musical theater life. I dont really know how to feel about it. I guess it happened a while ago, but I just refused to actually believe that it was true. I think it started with singing "West Side Story" in the shower, or maybe it was when I picked up my first music book of "Next to Normal". It might have been when I started noticing that I pick up on que words and start belting a song. Whatever it was, it happened fast. At this point its a steam training rolling with nothing to stop it. Then my truck got broken into this morning and it was this conversation of Facebook that I had, that I realized that I no longer could deny I was a musical theater guy.

Mark Williams Dear Person who broke into my truck last night,
Thank you for being an honest thief and only steal $11. Even though you ravished my wallet, you didnt take my Id, Debit Card or my Ipod. So either your really dumb or just charitable. (ps. Shut the door next time, you will run the battery down.)
Mark Williams- pss. Scratch that, bastard took my Ipod. Hope you like showtunes, you ass.

Mandi Irwin- sorry cuz... i've had mine broke into 3 times and it is the grossest, most violating feeling

Mark Williams- jk. i found the ipod. it was in my man purse.

Mandi Irwin- haaaaaaaaahahahaha that just topped off the showtunes comment

Mark Williams- haha i know, what has happened to my life?

Mandi Irwin- i'm just glad they didn't steal the man purse with the ipod in it ;^P

Scary??.......I know...Here's the thing though. Musical Theater people are normal people.....arent they? Okay, maybe we can sing about everything that happens in our life. We also can quote lines from about every play produced at the local theater. And Im not going lie, maybe wearing a costume every night is pleasant......but really its not strange.

Backtrack a couple years ago, I would have been the last person to get on stage and sing. It just wouldnt have happened. How I dress now......I would have probably made my own life a living hell if I would have dressed like this in 2007. My outlook on life is a more "Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music" rather than "Boot Scootin Boogie". Times have changed.

The upside of things, I wouldnt change where I am at for anything. I have made wonderful friends, learned more about myself and really focused on improving my talents. I cant see life really being any more upbeat than it is now. But really? Showtunes on my Ipod, a man purse, weekly vocal lessons and scripts all over my dresser. Dont tell my brothers.

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  1. watch your language. p.s. i saw it coming. When we sang Come Thou Fount, i knew you had too much talent to waste on a life devoid of show tunes.